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In order for all the CaveToKingdom elements to be in harmony, both visually and technically, we brought upgrades to the buildings, following that we focus on the character upgrades next. For starters, there will be over 20 types of buildings that will be built element by element, each material being made through a production process. Moreover, each building will be upgraded on 5 levels, a process that requires technological research, each upgrade bringing additional benefits. For example, the house will be able to host multiple members of a family and the production buildings will offer multiple job places so that more citizens can work in the same place. CaveToKingdom represents a virtual world in which the user can develop step by step from the lowest level up to the highest. As in real live, in CaveToKingdom life evolves normally, with hard work and a well-established objective. As the user progresses, he will have multiple options available, each decision he makes bringing a series of consequences, all actions leading to the development of his kingdom. In CaveToKingdom life seems to run its natural course, people fall in love, have children, build houses, roads, castles, take care of the animals in their farms, the trees blossom and bear fruit, and the merchants carts follow their courses. But that's not all, because the adventure is about to begin!
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CaveToKingdom - Feel the Past!


CaveToKingdom - Feel the Past!

  CaveToKingdom News  

The Archery Range is here!

Today we bring you another big update, the addition of the Archery Range.

With the new Archery Range, you can now train Light, Medium and Heavy Archers.

To build the Archery Range, you first need to research the building from the Research, Buildings section.

The Archers have different stats than the Swordsmen and together with the opportunity to add multiple types of soldiers to your army, we have also implemented the Combo Boost Factor.

The Combo Boost allows you to have a boost of up to 30% for your attack and defense stats if your army consists of both Archers and Sworsdmen. The bonus is calculated based on the equilibrium between the different types of soldiers.

For example, if exactly half your army is composed Archers and the other half are Swordsmen, you will receive the full 30% boost.

With this new update, there have also been several changes made to the War system and the Taxes paid to the Emperor.

Kingdoms whose Kings are inactive for more than 30 days will automatically be dismantled, and if the Kingdom is part of an Empire, the Emperor will receive a notification when this happens. In the near future we will reduce the 30 days.

Regarding the taxes paid to the Emperor, the Emperor will now receive the taxes from all the territories under his influences, but only the percentage for the highest position. Which means that from a total of 28% production taxes paid to the rulers, the Emperor will receive 7% of all production taxes. If there are no Kings, Count or Barons under you as an Emperor, the taxes will go to the Gods (Partners Funds).

The previous system was a boost in regards to the taxes paid to Emperors, introduced in the War 2.0 Update, which has now been modified as explained above.

With the new modifications, as an Emperor, it is beneficial for you to have a small Capital Kingdom and the Kingdoms under your influence to have active Kings. Your purpose is to coordinate war campaigns to attack or defend while your Kings will take care of conquering more territory to annex to your Empire.

You can now also move buildings. The move button is available in the Building actions panel once you select the building. When you move a building, you will receive back half of the materials you used for building it and the building will be rebuilt in the new location.

The stockpile can be moved for a maximum of 3 times ever so take care when deciding on a location.

The difference between demolishing and moving is the fact that you get to keep your citizens and their living place associated with that building, as well as any stock, plot of land and the settings.

Make sure you have enough materials to rebuild to not encounter any problems with the move.

A new version of the CaveToKingdom patcher has also been released, so make sure that you open the game from the patcher so it can update itself before trying to log in. If the patcher is not updated, you will not be able to update the client to the latest version.

Release Notes are available on the General Forum, the Beta Release Notes – Updates thread.

Have fun!

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2019-09-27 15:05:12

The Fishery is now active!

In this update, the Fishery has been made available for use.

You can now produce basic food (fish) with the Fishery and by assigning the job of a Fisherman to one of your citizens.

In order to build the Fishery, you first have to research the technology behind it.

Together with this new addition, the missions have also been modified. Several new missions have been added while previous ones have been updated or removed.

Release Notes for Version 2.7:

- added fishery level 1 building & fisher man / woman jobs:

~ research costs 6 CaveCoin;
~ fisher produces 1.8kg fish / hour IRL;
~ covers food requirements for 9 citizens.

- added new "build fishery" mission & updated previous missions:

~ "Build House" mission rewards extra 3000 gold (to help with buying a coin);
~ "Buy Cave Coin" mission rewards 5CC (before it was 8CC);
~ removed "Buy Seeds" mission, so the 6CC the user has at this time will suffice for buying the research for the fishery.

- added new "Build an Army" and "Conquer a Territory" missions:

~ "build barracks" mission rewards full equipment for 4 light swordsmen to help with building an army;

- reduced "traitor" army size from 5 to 3 soldiers:

~ so that users creating their first army don 't lose it in the first battle.

- fixed mission requirements UI positioning;
- world map navigation improvements:

~ fixed moving armies not being displayed unless either the source or the target location was in view;
~ fixed moving armies being displayed at the wrong location sometimes;
~ made selected army & city always visible on the map;
~ activate anti-aliasing for army peons;
~ only display populated cities at "city" (province capital) zoom level;
~ general performance improvement for loading & navigation.

- show marching duration in the attack / relocate window;
- fixed city search button not focusing input on click;
- fixed city search field keeping focus and preventing map navigation with keys;
- fixed some descriptions not being entirely visible in the world map info / help menu;
- display unit names in multiple character selection menu;
- autofocus input fields only in modal windows;
- fixed water in low quality mode not covering same ground as in high quality;
- fixed log transport from stockpile to Lumber Mill not working sometimes;
- fixed when second carrier not working sometimes when there is an active construction site.
- fixed carrier not carrying last building element (plank).

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2019-07-12 12:20:45

The Second Carrier is now Available for Verified Accounts!

In this new update, Verified accounts can choose to upgrade the Stockpile to level 2 and as a result unlock the second Carrier.

To unlock the 2nd Carrier, once your account has the Verified Status, you can research “Stockpile Level 2” from the Research menu, Buildings. Once Research, you can choose to Upgrade your Stockpile by selecting it, and clicking on the Upgrade button.

The 2nd Carrier will follow the Priorities list, depending on your settings. For example, while the 1st Carrier will transport the materials with the 1st priority, the 2nd Carrier will transport the materials with the 2nd priority.

Once the stock of the transported materials will be gone, the Carrier will continue with the 3rd priority on the list, and so on.

Remember! The second Carrier will only be available for the duration of the Verified status. Once the status has expired, the stockpile will automatically downgrade to the 1st level and the second Carrier will return to be a citizen.

You can apply to Verify your account in the Invest menu, Verify Account option. There are a total of 3 packages available, for different prices which offer different availability for the Verified Status.

Keep in mind that the Verification may take 3 working days to be processed and you can extend the availability of the status.

Release notes for Version 2.6:

- added a second carrier option for verified users

~ research stockpile level 2 (costs 0 but available only to verified accounts)
~upgrade stockpile to level 2 to allow for a second carrier
~when verified status expires stockpile will downgrade & second carrier will turn to citizen

- display battalion speed in place of (deprecated) health in UI
- fixed soldier training timer starting from "24H" instead of the real "10H"
- don't allow making soldiers from last 2 non-prince males

~ before the validation was only done on soldier deploy, but the user did not get any error message, causing soldiers to remain in training indefinitely

- convert partner funds' gold stocks to cave coin more often to avoid large swings in cave coin price
- add a single "RE:" when replying to a message
- set building specific names to research tokens
- fixed private messaging system not working after clicking on "Traitors"
- fixed wrong autofocus on last input instead of first
- transport UI: always show active buildings raw materials in transport list
- fixed multiple characters of same job not showing up in the menu
- fixed buildings sometimes disappearing from the menu
- added job & inhabitants information to building research details
- added missing stage descriptions for blacksmith & charcoal collier
- fixed flour particles when baker puts flour into the trough
- fixed carrier not carrying logs sometimes
- fixed carrier not working when construction site has priority but no construction materials
- fixed game settings window saving wrong settings sometimes

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2019-06-28 16:41:08
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  CaveToKingdom Buildings  


Here is where all the materials needed for the construction of the buildings in the Kingdom are stored, food, armors or anything else you might buy or sell at the Marketplace.

The carrier is tasked with transporting the product to and from the Stockpile, as the time it takes to do a round trip to and from, depends on the distance of the stockpile from the other buildings. That is why it is important to take that into account when placing the stockpile and other buildings. A shorter distance between them means faster transportation and therefore better profit over time.

When you buy something from the Marketplace, the products will be stored in the stockpile until used.

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The Windmill is necessary in order to make the wheat flour which in turn will allow you to make the bread needed for your citizens. The Windmill processed the Wheat, Corn and Oat sacks into flour which is a fine powder used for cooking and baking.

In order to be able to build the Windmill, you will first need to research the technology behind it, in order to make better use of your resources. You can do so from the Research menu, Buildings. After the Research is done, the building will be unlocked and you will be able to build and use it freely.

Along with the Windmill building, a new job has opened, the Miller, which is the person who operated the Windmill and processed the sacks into flour. You also need to have your carrier transport the purified grains by the Thrasher in order to process it and make it into flour. The flour can later be transported to the Bakery to make bread for the citizens as a basic food group or to be sold on the Marketplace.

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  CaveToKingdom Characters  


The farmers are the citizens that have been assigned the task of growing crops and livestock.

Any citizen can become a farmer as long as there is an available place for them at the farm. In order to work, farmers need energy.

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The Builder belongs to the working class of CaveToKingdom. It will build, upgrade and repair buildings that you need in the Kingdom.

Without a builder, your Kingdom will not be built and you will not be able to advance in the game.

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The Lumberjack will help you obtain one of your most essential resource – the wood.

He will cut the trees from the forest, using a large range of tools specific for his range and he will transport the wood cut into logs to the Lumber Mill.

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The carrier will help other citizens, taking the materials and resources to the stockpile.

The carrier will foremost help the builder to provide the resources needed to build your Kingdom's buildings, diverting them from the stockpile to the building ground, following that as you develop he helps other citizens in carrying resources to and from the stockpile.

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