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In order for all the CaveToKingdom elements to be in harmony, both visually and technically, we brought upgrades to the buildings, following that we focus on the character upgrades next. For starters, there will be over 20 types of buildings that will be built element by element, each material being made through a production process. Moreover, each building will be upgraded on 5 levels, a process that requires technological research, each upgrade bringing additional benefits. For example, the house will be able to host multiple members of a family and the production buildings will offer multiple job places so that more citizens can work in the same place. CaveToKingdom represents a virtual world in which the user can develop step by step from the lowest level up to the highest. As in real live, in CaveToKingdom life evolves normally, with hard work and a well-established objective. As the user progresses, he will have multiple options available, each decision he makes bringing a series of consequences, all actions leading to the development of his kingdom. In CaveToKingdom life seems to run its natural course, people fall in love, have children, build houses, roads, castles, take care of the animals in their farms, the trees blossom and bear fruit, and the merchants carts follow their courses. But that's not all, because the adventure is about to begin!
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CaveToKingdom - Feel the Past!


CaveToKingdom - Feel the Past!

  CaveToKingdom News  

CaveToKingdom Facebook Register and Patcher Update!

Registering and logging in through Facebook is now available. A new version for the patcher is now also available. Install the new Version now!

Starting today, you can log in and even register on the CaveToKingdom platform by using your Facebook account.

You only need to press the Facebook button, which will allow you to use your Facebook email address to start your registration or if you already have an account with the same email, it will allow you to log in directly.

For more news on CaveToKingdom, don////'t forget to like and follow us on the Facebook page!

Patcher Update:

The new version has been released, please download and install it as soon as possible from the website. The old patcher will not be valid anymore after a while.

Patcher 1.4:

- updated code signing certificate;
- transactional deploy:

~ before, it was possible to start updating the game while we were deploying a new version, causing broken partial installs.

- removed confusing "typical, full and custom" selection screen;
- randomly cycle among 6 new background pictures every 10 seconds;
- catch corrupted manifest file errors & silently re-download the file;
- display patcher version under the progress bar;
- complete clean up of downloaded game files at uninstall & installer upgrades;
- on pressing Ctrl+F5 in the patcher, after a 10-sec delay during which you can change your mind and close the patcher, all game files downloaded by the patcher are cleaned up, to help with recovery when some files have been corrupted during download, etc.
*The game does not need to be uninstalled to run the new patcher.

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2019-02-15 17:45:01

Lumbermill Tutorial

Build and Set your Lumbermill

The Lumbermill is the building where the logs are stocked and processed.
To build it, select from the Village menu, the Citizen category, then Builder. Choose the Lumbermill from the buildings menu. Place the Lumbermill and confirm.

The distance between buildings influences the duration of the material/'s transport time.

The Carrier will automatically transport the necessary materials for the Lumbermill and the building process will begin. The Carrier and the Builder will work automatically after the actions are selected.

After the Lumbermill has been finished, the Forester will automatically go into the forest, where he will start to cut and transport the logs.

The production of square beams, round beams and planks must be set to more than 0 to start. Select the Lumbermill, insert the quantity that you want to be produced and press the Set button.

The Sawmiller will start the woodworking after the type and the quantity you have chosen.

Select the priority for the wood from the Transport menu, so it can be transported by Carrier to the Stockpile or to a building under construction. The greater the distance between the buildings, the longer the transport will take.

You can choose to sell the wood from the Market menu, Raw Materials, Wood category and select the type of wood you want to sell. Insert the quantity, select the Sell button and confirm the transaction.

From the Financial Market, the Gold received from selling Raw Materials can be used to buy CaveCoins.

The finished products from the Lumbermill can be used for building. Select the Builder, then Build and choose the building you want. Place it and confirm the location.

When constructing a new building, the Carrier will take into consideration the priorities set in the Transport menu.

Keep in mind that all the work processes go on even after the computer is shut down, citizens will work in offline mode.

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2019-01-28 12:34:17

CaveToKingdom Farm Tutorial

A Step-by-Step Guide on building and managing your farm. The farms are an important part which allows your citizens to grow crops for themselves in order to have food. Food is necessary for both citizens and soldiers as it offers energy.

Build and Set Up Your Farm!

A Step-by-Step Guide

Farms are important in order to meet the Kingdom’s need for food.

To build farms select from the Village menu, the Citizen category, then Builder. Choose the building you want to construct by clicking the Build button then select the type of farm you want.

Place the farm anywhere you want and confirm your choice.

Remember to set the priority for the square beams, planks, logs and the reed you need for the building, from the Transport menu.

The Carrier will automatically transport the necessary materials for the farm and the building process will begin. The Carrier and the Builder will work automatically after the actions are selected.

After building the farm, choose a citizen and select from the Task menu the job you want him to have, which allows confirming your choice.

Then, from the Market menu, select Goods, Seeds category, and choose the type of seeds you want to grow.

Once you have bought the seeds, click on the farm, the seed category, select the plot of land and then confirm your choice.

After the farm has been set up, the farmer will start to plow, sow, water and grow the crop.

Keep in mind that all work processes don/'t stop when the computer is shut down, they continue in an offline mode.

Do not forget to set from the Transport menu the priority for where the harvest should be taken.

To the Mill, where the grains will be processed into flour that can be used to make food.

Or to the Stockpile, from where they can be later sold on Market for Gold that is used to buy Cave Coins.

Vegetables and Fruits in Stockpile will be eaten by the citizens to satisfy their hunger.

Keep in mind that food is an essential element that influences the citizen’s energy level.

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2019-01-14 16:12:04
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  CaveToKingdom Buildings  


The stockpile is where the carrier will leave all resources that he will gather until he needs to take them somewhere else, such as a building site. In order to sell your products on the Marketplace, they must first be transported to the Stockpile by the carrier.

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The Wind Mill is the building that will allow you to process the cereal seeds, such as wheat, corn, and oat and turn them into a fine powder which can be later used in your Kingdom. A citizen can be tasked to be a Miller from the Task Manager, in order to process the cereals into flour.

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  CaveToKingdom Characters  


The farmers are the citizens that have been assigned the task of growing crops and livestock.

Any citizen can become a farmer as long as there is an available place for them at the farm. In order to work, farmers need energy.

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The Builder belongs to the working class of CaveToKingdom. It will build, upgrade and repair buildings that you need in the Kingdom.

Without a builder, your Kingdom will not be built and you will not be able to advance in the game.

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The Forester will help you obtain one of your most essential resource – the wood.

He will cut the trees from the forest, using a large range of tools specific for his range and he will transport the wood cut into logs to the Lumber Mill.

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The carrier will help other citizens, taking the materials and resources to the stockpile.

The carrier will foremost help the builder to provide the resources needed to build your Kingdom's buildings, diverting them from the stockpile to the building ground, following that as you develop he helps other citizens in carrying resources to and from the stockpile.

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