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In order for all the CaveToKingdom elements to be in harmony, both visually and technically, we brought upgrades to the buildings, following that we focus on the character upgrades next. For starters, there will be over 20 types of buildings that will be built element by element, each material being made through a production process. Moreover, each building will be upgraded on 5 levels, a process that requires technological research, each upgrade bringing additional benefits. For example, the house will be able to host multiple members of a family and the production buildings will offer multiple job places so that more citizens can work in the same place. CaveToKingdom represents a virtual world in which the user can develop step by step from the lowest level up to the highest. As in real live, in CaveToKingdom life evolves normally, with hard work and a well-established objective. As the user progresses, he will have multiple options available, each decision he makes bringing a series of consequences, all actions leading to the development of his kingdom. In CaveToKingdom life seems to run its natural course, people fall in love, have children, build houses, roads, castles, take care of the animals in their farms, the trees blossom and bear fruit, and the merchants carts follow their courses. But that's not all, because the adventure is about to begin!
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CaveToKingdom - Feel the Past!


CaveToKingdom - Feel the Past!

  CaveToKingdom News  

Cave to Kingdom Version 2! War is Coming!

Up to the 1st of June, version 2 of CaveToKingdom will be launched through a series of consecutive updates.

War is Coming!

Up to the 1st of June, version 2 of CaveToKingdom will be launched through a series of consecutive updates.

In the new version, the war module will be completely functional, while changes will include the possibility to relocate your armies to any friendly territory, troop losses and skill gaining for the soldiers, as much as completing the rules for modifying territories and ranks after battles.

New buildings for making military equipment will be added, also food and gear costs will be reduced in order to simplify the maintenance of a great army.

Rank Advancement and Conquering Territories

Once you have created your first army you can conquer new territories in order to increase your rank.

With the conquering of a location with the Town Rank, you become a Baron. As the owner of a Town, you will receive production taxes from all the citizens of that City.

After you conquer a province's capital, you will rule over the Province and will gain the Count title. All the citizens in that Province will pay taxes to you.

When you conquer a second Province's capital, the two provinces will form a Kingdom and you will be named King. All the citizens from the Kingdom will pay taxes to you.

If you already have a Kingdom and conquer a second Kingdom’s capital, both Kingdoms will form an Empire and you gain the title of Emperor, which is the highest rank. All the citizens from the Empire will pay taxes to you.

Army Control Rules

Creating an Army

In CaveToKingdom at the moment there are 3 types of swordsmen, which can be trained according to the military equipment you own in the Stockpile: Light Swordsman, Medium Swordsman and Heavy Swordsman.

In order to create an army you need at least 5 trained soldiers, no matter their type.

By using the “Create Army” option you create an army in your home town that can be named and renamed depending on the needs and preferences one has. Once the army is created, one of the soldiers will become a general.

Merging, Dividing and Forming Alliances with your Army

Once you have a number of armies in the same location you can use the Merge button to combine them, or you can transfer soldiers from one army to the other. The soldiers’ transfer can be done with the condition that you have at least 5 soldiers in each army, including the generals.

If you have a bigger army that you want to divide, using the Split button you can create a 2nd independent army.

If there are other players’ armies in the city where your army is stationed, you can form Alliances with them by using the Merge option. Select an army from the list with the available armies.

In the case of a military Alliance, the leader is the army to whom the request has been sent. This leader will be able to control the movements of the formed Alliance. To disband an Alliance, the leader can use the Split option.

Relocating your Army

With the new War system update, new general rules have been established regarding troop transfer, attack and conquest of territories.

Relocating armies can only be done on friendly territory.

A territory is considered friendly if it belongs to the same political entity of which you are a part of (if your rank is higher than Baron), in the cities you are the Baron of, and the cities that have activated the “Open Gates” option.

An example would be when you have a Kingdom and want to transfer your army to another city that belongs to the same Empire as the Kingdom.

As a Baron, you can attack and have multiple Towns, all of them being considered friendly territory.

The “Open Gates” option will be activated or deactivated by Barons for the Towns under their rule. As long as the option is active, any army will be able to relocate to that location.

Attacking a Territory

When you attack a location there are 2 options:

a) You can attack EVERYONE in that location, including friendly armies;

b) You can attack only the ENEMIES – in this case, if there are friendly armies at the attack site, they will be ignored;

These options will help in situations where you, as a King, want to cast out a traitor Count from one of the Kingdom’s provinces.

The Effects of War over Armies

The result of a battle will depend on the type of attack used, the soldiers and generals’ abilities, their number and type.

We have the following types of attack:

a) Light Attack when the army will attack the chosen territory but will retreat after 20% of the soldiers are lost;
b) Medium Attack when the army will attack the chosen territory and will retreat after 50% of soldiers from the attacking army is lost;
c) Heavy Attack through which the army will attack the territory without retreating, no matter the losses;

After each attack, depending on the strategy used and the strength of the enemy army, soldiers will be lost, but at the same time the soldiers that remain will improve their skills, increasing their power.

The Info Panel with the result of a battle will be implemented and will include details about the soldiers and the armies engaged in the battle, information concerning skill improvement, and also territory and rank changes.

Territory Changes after Winning Battles

The territory changes that result from winning a battle may vary according to attacker’s rank compared with the rank of the attacked location. There are a total of 3 general situations which we should mention.

The Attacker’s Rank is lower than the Attacked City’s Rank

If the attacker’s rank is lower than the attacked city’s rank, after winning the battle the attacker will replace the attacked realm’s owner, and their old territory will join and become the new capital of the realm.

An example would be attacking of a Kingdom (King) by a Count. After the battle is won, the Count will become King, and the Kingdom will extend to include attacker’s old province, which becomes the capital of the Kingdom.

An exception from this rule is the Baron, who loses all their previous titles after gaining the Count title. When a Baron becomes Count like this, the home town of the attacker becomes the capital, if the city is located in the conquered province and is under their rule.

The Attacker’s Rank is equal to the Attacked City’s Rank

If the Attacker’s Rank is equal to the Attacked City’s Rank, after the battle is won, both territories will merge into a new territory of a higher rank.

In this case, the attacker’s capital at the moment of the attack becomes the capital of the new territory.

One of the exceptions is the case of the Baron that can have multiple cities belonging to different Kingdoms or Empires. The only limitation given is that the cities must belong to neighbouring provinces.

The second exception is when an Emperor conquers another Empire; all the Kingdoms from the conquered Empire are passed to the attacker’s Empire.

An example would be attacking of a Count by another Count. The two provinces will form a new Kingdom, and if both belonged to the same Empire, the new Kingdom will remain in that Empire.

The Attacker’s Rank is higher than the Attacked City’s Rank

If the Attacker’s Rank is higher than the Attacked City’s Rank with at least 1 level, the conquered territory joins the territories belonging to the attacker. The owner of the attacked territory is cast out and the territory remains undistributed.

For example, if a King attacks a Count, after winning the battle the province will join the Kingdom and will initially remain without a Count.

As an Emperor, King, or Count, you can attack any cities that are under your ruling to cast out the local leaders.

As a new participant in Wars, you can attack any territory located in the political realm your Home Town belongs to, and its neighbouring provinces. After conquering a territory, only the cities within it and its bordering provinces can be attacked.

If the Home Town does not belong to any political realm, your first attack can target any city from your Home Town’s Province and its Neighbours.

New Buildings and General Changes

The Kiln and the Blacksmith

In the next time period, two new buildings will be added, namely the Kiln and the Blacksmith, along with the required jobs.

In the Kiln logs will be processed into charcoal by the Charcoal Collier. To produce a sack of charcoal 20 logs are needed.

The Blacksmith building will allow in time the creation of weapons and armour using charcoal and steel bars. The first product to be made in the Blacksmith building will be the sword necessary for training of Swordsmen.

Steel bars will be available for purchase in the Global Market.

In order to build these buildings, buying research will be necessary from the menu Research / Buildings.

Changes to the price of items and the amount of food needed

To ease the creation of armies and their maintenance, weapon and armour prices will be lowered.

The amount of food required for feeding citizens and soldiers will be reduced from 500 grams to 100 grams temporarily. This amount will be modified later, taking into consideration current market prices.

Another change affecting the economy will be doubling of prices’ volatility. This means that prices will raise and decrease more strongly with buying and selling of products.

Activating all province capitals

All the provinces’ capitals will be activated on the map to ease conquering of territories, whether any citizens live there or not. These Cities will be under the ruling of Traitors.

The production tax received from every province’s capital will have a minimum, founded from a specially created global fund.

These modifications were conceived in order to solve the current problems regarding the war system, but also to allow a more rapid development both economically and militarily.

With the launching of CaveToKingdom version 2, War is coming, and the possibilities to form and betray alliances with other participants will allow bigger flexibility in creating strategies.

Good luck!
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2019-05-15 19:43:17

Upcoming Update: Account Verification Packages!

Starting with the 2nd of June 2019, you can obtain the Verified Status only by purchasing the Account Verification packages.

These packages will be available for purchase from the Invest menu, by using the credit card method. Each package will offer a different time availability according to its value.

Starting with the 2nd of June 2019, you can obtain the Verified Status only by purchasing the Account Verification packages.

These packages will be available for purchase from the Invest menu, by using the credit card method. Each package will offer a different time availability according to its value as it follows:

- 3 months for 9 Euros;
- 6 months for 15 Euros;
- 12 months for 24 Euros;

The Send Gift option will be available for use only for those who have the Verified Account status active, just as before.

Due to the fact that the Verified Account status will not be permanent anymore, the time duration of it, for those who have already verified their account, will be reduced to 90 days after the update takes place, unless a new package is purchased.

If the status is already active and you purchase a new package, the duration will be prolonged according to the time offered from the chosen package.

After the new update, the Verified Status will offer the following:

- the option to send CaveCoins through the Send Gift method;
- the option to research Transportation which will allow you to have more than 1 carrier at one time.

The verified status gives you more credibility as every account is verified in detail.

The approval is done by the administration as a result of verifying and validating the information

The information from your registration will be verified upon the payment info, so if the registered information is not correct, you can request once, for it to be updated at [email protected] from your registration mail.

Good luck!
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2019-05-09 17:48:05

The Partner’s Fund Migration and Changing the Citizens’ Living Place!

The Partner’s Fund dividends have been activated. Furthermore, you now have the option to change the Living Place of your citizens.

As announced before, the Partner’s Fund has been in the process of migrating to a new backend. The migration is now over, however, the Partners menu from the website is still not usable for now.

The distribution of the dividends has been activated. That means that if you have shares in a country where the Partner’s Fund has reached a value of over 1 000 CaveCoins, you will receive 0.001 CaveCoins for each owned share for that country.

Furthermore, you now have the option to change the Living Place of your citizens. This feature will allow you to move around your citizens, and it is especially useful if you wish to demolish the Lumber Mill which you were not able until now due to the fact that the Prince was living there.

Keep in mind that the closer the Lumber Mill is to the forest, the Lumberjack will be himself more efficient due to the short distance he has to transport the logs. A higher number of logs will lead to a higher production rate by the carpenter and therefore you can have more products to sell compared to a situation where the Lumber Mill is further away.
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2019-04-05 12:32:54
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  CaveToKingdom Buildings  


The stockpile is where the carrier will leave all resources that he will gather until he needs to take them somewhere else, such as a building site. In order to sell your products on the Marketplace, they must first be transported to the Stockpile by the carrier.

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The Wind Mill is the building that will allow you to process the cereal seeds, such as wheat, corn, and oat and turn them into a fine powder which can be later used in your Kingdom. A citizen can be tasked to be a Miller from the Task Manager, in order to process the cereals into flour.

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  CaveToKingdom Characters  


The farmers are the citizens that have been assigned the task of growing crops and livestock.

Any citizen can become a farmer as long as there is an available place for them at the farm. In order to work, farmers need energy.

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The Builder belongs to the working class of CaveToKingdom. It will build, upgrade and repair buildings that you need in the Kingdom.

Without a builder, your Kingdom will not be built and you will not be able to advance in the game.

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The Lumberjack will help you obtain one of your most essential resource – the wood.

He will cut the trees from the forest, using a large range of tools specific for his range and he will transport the wood cut into logs to the Lumber Mill.

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The carrier will help other citizens, taking the materials and resources to the stockpile.

The carrier will foremost help the builder to provide the resources needed to build your Kingdom's buildings, diverting them from the stockpile to the building ground, following that as you develop he helps other citizens in carrying resources to and from the stockpile.

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