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In order for all the CaveToKingdom elements to be in harmony, both visually and technically, we brought upgrades to the buildings, following that we focus on the character upgrades next. For starters, there will be over 20 types of buildings that will be built element by element, each material being made through a production process. Moreover, each building will be upgraded on 5 levels, a process that requires technological research, each upgrade bringing additional benefits. For example, the house will be able to host multiple members of a family and the production buildings will offer multiple job places so that more citizens can work in the same place. CaveToKingdom represents a virtual world in which the user can develop step by step from the lowest level up to the highest. As in real live, in CaveToKingdom life evolves normally, with hard work and a well-established objective. As the user progresses, he will have multiple options available, each decision he makes bringing a series of consequences, all actions leading to the development of his kingdom. In CaveToKingdom life seems to run its natural course, people fall in love, have children, build houses, roads, castles, take care of the animals in their farms, the trees blossom and bear fruit, and the merchants carts follow their courses. But that's not all, because the adventure is about to begin!
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CaveToKingdom - Feel the Past!


CaveToKingdom - Feel the Past!


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